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What parents and students say about working with DYPT.

Our teen started LAMDA early in primary school (amongst other extracurricular activities). However, it is the only one she carried into secondary school and even continued during lockdown. It has improved her English language skills and given her more confidence overall, especially after performing at local festivals from a young age. The fact that she has opted for extra lessons when given a choice is a testament to her wonderful teacher Heidi. In the teens' own words" I like doing LAMDA because it is exciting. Heidi is a very fun teacher and I like the Shakespeare best". - Parents with a LAMDA loving teen

“I have been doing LAMDA with Heidi for 5 years now, in both Acting and Musical Theatre doing grades 2-6. Working with Heidi is simply put brilliant, she has helped me develop not only my performance skills but my confidence which transferred to help with everyday life. During my time with Heidi I have been fortunate enough to participate in many exams, always achieving high scores and on occasion receiving 1st place in local festivals. LAMDA has given me a range of performance skills, and I am now considering higher education in Musical Theatre after I leave 6th form.”
LAMDA Student  

"I've been doing Lamda at school since Year 7 with Heidi as my teacher and have completed up to Grade 5. Heidi is really friendly and makes you feel very relaxed. Her knowledge has really helped me develop at Drama, and has helped my confidence in the exams. I was nervous when we had to switch to online lessons, but I have enjoyed them as much as the face to face lessons. I would recommend taking LAMDA to anyone, especially with Heidi!"LAMDA Student  
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